About me


Maybe for some of you the name of my site sounds a little disconcerting, being a portfolio of advertising and design that suggests just right the opposite.  Human in extinction? is the name of my musical project (A new level, a step forward, the conflicts of the collective and the collective conflict transforming its appearance, its message, its mood, wanting to spread words that invite to reflect on our specie and its place on this planet). And it happens by the mean of communication and especially advertising, that we also change a little the course, where modern thinking is heading and create or re-create a new human being, a more conscious consumer with awareness for his position and condition in and within this world…

My name is Carlos Villarreal AKA Charly, I´ve been immersed more than 15 years in the advertising world. My inspiration? The world itself and everything in it, people, culture, travels, etc. that have given me an external vision (beyond the mass) how to keep people in-side (as consumers).

As an advertising professional I´ve realized several works, that sometimes are cut out creatively. For this reason I have to show and express my own and pure ideas through pieces burned from my dreams….(see Personal)